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Music & Dance Class:

Understanding the inherent capabilities of every child, the school encourages its scholars to have a hands-on experience on varied musical instruments, Indian classical and western vocal and various Indian and Western dance forms.

Transport F acility :

N.V ENGLISH ACADEMY School has 5 vans and its assigned to carry children to and from school and school events. Our school buses are distinguished from other types of buses by design and the name of the school is printed in front as well by the side of the busses.

Our busses cater to students all over Bhubaneswar and nearby areas. Busses are especially suited to meet the safety and comfort needs of students. Thus it has several features in addition to the Government's safety norms specifications. The emergency door is suitably positioned for optimum convenience of access when necessary.

L ibrary:

Our school has a well stocked Library, staffed adequately to keep it in good order, to guide students during their library periods to make the best use of the library and books and also to advise and instruct on research and reference. The stock is constantly expanded and updated to provide meaningful reference materials for students and teachers.

(i) A good library adds value to the academic programme of a school

(II) Our library is reached by more than 12000 books that include literature, Children's books, Encyclopaedias, Reference books and Text books. CDs and DVDs are also available for students. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines are procured regularly in English , Hindi.

(III) The library remains open from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 2pm during summer and puja vacations.


Department of computer science is the most living and up-to-date department of the school. To keep in pace with the recent developments in the field of science and technology, this department has taken all the hardships to train its students from class-III to XII. From class III to XII ,students take this subject as SUPW and in std XI, XII this is taught as elective subject following the guidelines and curriculum of CBSE. As far as SUPW is concerned ,the students are given training from basic of computer to the world of Internet. The computer department has about 50 computers.

The school has three computer laboratories, one as Junior lab meant for Class III to V and other two Labs meant for Class VI to XII students.In this regard we feel proud to inform you that this website designed & developed by the faculty members of the department. The tasks are carried by a team that believe in team spirit.

L aboratory :

1.In the laboratory, students must abide by the instructions given by the teacher.

2.Students will be responsible for any breakage or loss of apparatus.

3. Every such breakage or loss should be reported immediately to the Principal and its cost should be deposited by the student.

4. Students must use aprons (white cotton) while working in the laboratory. Polyester, nylon or any kind of synthetic dress should not be used.