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Under Taking Of Guardian

1.That i take the responsbility of sending my ward daily to school in prescribed school uniform.

2.That my ward shall not be allowed to go home during school hours except in special circumstanses.

3.That my ward shall attend classes regularly and timely. In case my ward remains for more than four days a month without valid reasons and prior information he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action.

4.That school fees and other charges,if any shall be paid by me on the fixed date.

5.That my ward shall take all the examination counducted by the school,failing which no claim shall be made by me for his/her promotion.

6.That i shall have no objection to any disciplinary action even to the extent of expulsion from school taken against my ward, for gross misscounduct and breach of school discipline.

7.That i shall pay any penalty or fine charged against my ward for any action taken by the school.

8.That i take the responsbility for droping droping my ward to school and taking him/her back after school hours.

9.That I shall provide my ward with books, note books and any such articles as he/she may be asked to bring as part of school curricula.

10.That i take fullest responsbility for the counduct and proper behaviour of my ward.

Instruction For Student

1.Come to school clean, well groomed and in proper uniform with shoes well –polised.

2.Be reguler in attendsnce.

3.Attend morning assembly without fail.

4.Be courteous and respactfull to parents, teacher and guest.

5.No leave will be granted without sanction of the principal of this institute.

6.In absence the leave application should be sent to the principal through your class teacher.

7.In case of medical leave an account of sickness the application must be accompanied with the medical certificate from a Registered Medical Officer (Homocopath or Allopath etc.)

8.In case of absence for 15 days or more without legal cause may cause your roll no struck off from the school.

9.Application for leave must be undersigned by your parents or guardians.