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Dear Guardians and Students, i am very happy to make you know that N.V.English Academy has established as a basic units of Dr. Yadubir Sinha memorial Trust, in the twin Town Laheriasarai Darbhanga to meet the growing demands of the hours i.e. for value-based multipurpose English medium co-educational institution.the building of this N.V.English Academy consist four-strong pillars as indicated by its monogram.

1st Pillar-JYOTI means Light

2nd Pillar-PREETI means Love, Affection, Pleasure, Enjoy, Satisfaction

3rd Pillar-SHANTI means Everyday behavior of eternal or permanent

4th Pillar-NEETI

1st Pillar(JYOTI) :-

It is well known facts that lights is compulsory for our eyes for the purpose of the vision the main fuction of the eyes to see the objects and its surrounding. Thus the human eyes cannot perform its task of vision in absence of light . we can imagine the importance of light in our daily life either during day or night . but as well all are human being, this vision is not sufficient for us because, it is only up to the lable of brain, where image is font after reflection of light from the object. In fact we are not an animal but a man because we are given an in born quality or an innate power i.e. mind, thus a man is man because he has mind, which has a 3rd eye called as mission in comon word vision and mission, both of which are concerned with light i.e. Nazar and Nazaria. There are much more inportance of this 3rd eye i.e. mission under which comes the 3nd pillar preeti

2nd Pilla(preeti) :-

Infact human means in Hindi or Urdu is INSAAN in urdu the word INSAAN has been derived from Uns, which means Mohabbat, Prem,Love,Affection. Thus it is clearly understood that man cannot be as a man unless there is love or affection. And where is love affection there is piece which comes under the 3rd pillar as Shanti. And where is love, affection there is piece which comes under the 3rd pillar as Shanti.

3rd Pillar(SHSNTI):-

The 3rd pillar of N.V. English Academy stand in the form of piece, which is the gretest need of the form of peace which is the gretest need of the hours in the entire world.

4th Pillar(NEETI):-

At last but not at least the 4th pillar of N.V. English Ac ademy stand in the form of every day behavior, and eternal off permanet Norms of law , also comes under this pillar . we are well known as cannot servive a long without following parmanent norms in any field of the life. Thus it is avident we also cannot go a long without a permanents norms.

Now my dears student only, I am pleased to provide this school Diary to you. I am sure your will make use of it properly for your benefit and guidance some point are given below-

1.Bring this diary daily to school.

2.Note your Home work and other School activities in the diary every day.

3.Your teacher will communicate to your parents through this diary. Therefore you must show it to your guardians, so that your teacher can get due reply from your parents.

4. See your diary at your home when you are going to study, so that home task may not be remains unsolved. This routine will pay you in the long life.